RRF 200X–>XP is complete

At the end of 2007, RRF 200X–>XP has been definitely finalized and belongs to that kind of Internet based projects running and developping during a temporary limited period.

While the project is incorrating all media components used in this project, many of the links are meanwhile, however, out of function. In so far, the linking, and in this way, the networking aspect, is partially restricted. That’s the destiny of all Internet based projects.

As a global networking project, RRF200x–>XP – was extraordinary successful in many concerns, this is manifesting itself not only in the numerous physical and virtual manifrestations in the framework of media art festivals and exhibitions, but also, that several project related media channels, eg. Videochannel and SoundLAB started in 2005 an individual “carreer”, and generally the artistic and curatorial focus switched widely over to the audiovisual media.