[R][R][F] 200X —> XP // Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting – the global networking project
has been realised by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne on occasion and invitation of BEAP 2004 – Biennale of Electronic Art taking place between September and November 2004 in Perth/Australia.

The printed catalogue is available as PDF
Agricola de Cologne


Agricola de Cologne was requested to create a global networking project dealing with the phenomenon of “memory” in avariety of different aspects. The global aspect is manifesting itself in the Location of the Internet based project, as such, in the concept to research how people from different contries rooted in different cultures, religions and social background deal with memory, by including artists and curators from different countries, cultural, religious and social background. It was the idea to demonstrate this dealing via different “memory channels”, each one dedicated to a different artistic digital medium.

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While the Biennale exhibitions were installed at numerous art places and institutes, Agricola de Cologne was installed at the artist in residence gallery @ Central Taffe Institute of Technology Perth/Australia in an exchange between virtual and physical space, where he also was an artist in residence.

Central Tafe Perth - Artist in Residence Galley
Central Tafe Perth – Artist in Residence Galley