event: RRF in Argentina (updated)

After 3 years successfully running, [R][R][F]200x—>XP – Agricola de Cologne’s global networking, starts its finalization on occasion of its presentation on 2nd Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina – 16-18 November 2006.
The new, updated and final project version goes online on Tuesday, 14 November 2006.

This finalization is again showing the strong vitality of [R][R][F]200x—>XP by launching new editions of certain project components—>

RRF Channel is contributing RRF v.3, the 3rd version of RRF. a selection and collection of 28 netart projects, see the list of participating artists
Enter RRF v.3 directly here

VideoChannel is contributing its latest selection “image vs music” and Cologne OFF I & II. 1st and 2nd version of Cologne Online Festival, a selection of both curated by Aghricola de Cologne will be screened on the festival in Argentina

SoundLAB Channel is contributing its latest Edition IV featuring more than 130 soundartists and a selection of soundart from Chile curated by Rainer Krause (Santiago de Chile)

More details:

Agricola de Cologne
is featuring
[R][R][F]200x—>XP, VideoChannel, SoundLAB & Cologne OFF
2nd Digital Art Festival in Rosario/Argentina
http://www.rattlesnakeproductora.com – 16-18 November 2006.
It is that occasion in 2006
for which Agricola de Cologne, media artist and New Media curator from Cologne/Germany
prepared a special digital project combination—>

The lecture entitled
“The Network”, memory and identity
a challenge in digital art – is spotlighting Agricola de Cologne’s activities in digital art since 2000 and the development of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne – “The NETWORK”


the global networking project [R][R][F]200x—>XP
[Remembering, Repressing, Forgetting] – http://rrf200x.newmediafest.org
the most prominent project environment, Agricola de Cologne realized until now.
The festival in Rosario represents the countdown of the finalization of this global project
which was running very successfully during the past three years.

A new, updated and final project version will go online on coming Tuesday, 14 November 2006,
just in time before the festival is starting.

[R][R][F]200x—>XP is an ongoing, long term experiment starting in March 2004 simultaneously in Internet and at National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest/Romania, Bergen Electronic Arts Centre Bergen/Norway and New Media Art Festival Bangkok. Many networking instances as artists, curators, institutions, organisations from all parts on the globe joint the project and form an unique collection of collected memory of mankind manifested in advanced technological forms of contemporary art, i.e. net based art, an Internet specific form of digital art. The project is a hybrid form of a research, New Media event and an art project.
It is based on three basic components, the subject: “Memory and Identity” , the operating aspect: ”networking as artworking”, and the presentation aspect: installation in an exchange/combination between virtual and physical space.
The project consist of a low-tech blog, which contains also textual information and the latest news, the high-tech Flash body contains the actual art project.
The project is structured like a human brain, consisting of countless synapses which all are connected to each other. In the case of this project there are 8 main synapses, called “memory channels”, which may consist again of several moduls in form of individual artists projects.
Curators from many countries were invited to prepare contributions in the categories “netart” for RRF Channel, “videoart” for VideoChannel and “soundart” for SoundLAB Channel. More than 50 curators and about 800 artists form this way the basis of a new and gigantic artwork online and offline.

On occasion of the festival in Rosario, the finalization of this global networking project will be initiated, which is planned to be completed until the end of 2006. Once completed, the project will remain for permanent online and beyond that active in different ways.

RRF Channel will be extended by v3 of RRF, a selection of netart pieces on the theme “memory and identity”
featuring new works by these artists: – http://rrf200x.newmediafest.org/blog/?page_id=4
Lisa Cianci (Australia), Mark Cypher (Australia), Dario Quaranta (Italy), Moar Joanne (New Zealand), Rainer Prohaska (Austria ), Jt Wine (USA), Carlos Katastrofsky (Austria), Mark Sedgewick (USA), Humberto Ramirez (USA), Roberto Echen (Argentina), Päivi Hintsanen (Finland), Andreja Andric (Italy/Serbia), Societe Realists (France), Filh (France), Calin Man (Romania), Bjoern Karneborgen (Germany), Alexa Write (UK), Robert Spahr (USA, Khaled Sabsabi (Lebanon/Australia), Jason Sweeney (Australia), Sonya Nielson (USA), Ricardo Miranda Zuniga (USA), James Robert Ford (UK), Deb King (USA), Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay), Panos Kouros (Greece), Tobias Sternberg (USA). Fabian Taranto (Italy)

SoundLAB Channel – http://soundlab.newmediafest.org (also operating independently) will be extended by Edition IV – “memoryscapes” which is featuring not only a contribution of soundart from Chile curated by Rainer Krause (Santiago/Chile)—>Luis Barrie, Claudio Fernandez Sini, Foro de Escritores (FDE), Ensamble Majamama, Radio Ruido, Mario Soro, Andres Torres, Pintor Z –
but also more than 135 artists and 200 pieces of soundart curated by Melody Parker-Carter. All details and the lists of the selected artists can be found here: http://soundlab.newmediafest.org/blog/?page_id=20

VideoChannel (also operating independently) http://videochannel.newmediafest.org
is extended by the new selection on the theme “image vs music”, featuring 50 video artists, more details on

Since 2005, especially VideoChannel became very active in presenting selections from the more than 200 videos of this unique film and video selection on numerous festivals.. In 2006, VideoChannel initiated Cologne OFF – Cologne Online Film Festival – http://coff.newmediafest.org – directed by Agricola de Cologne,
a mobile film and video festival, operating simultaneously online and offline via screenings.

2nd Digital Art Festival Rosario will be screening two selections from Cologne OFF:
Cologne OFF I – “genderscapes” – a selection dealing with gender issues and sexual idenfication, featuring these artists:
1. Rahel Maher (Australia), 2. Unnur A. Einarsdottir (Iceland), 3. Ane Lan (Norway), 4. Alla Girik and Oksana Shatalova (Kazakhstan), 5. Sinasi Günes (Turkey), 6. Beatrice Allegranti (UK), 7. J.G. Periot (France), 8. Ina Loitzl (Austria)
9. Lorenzo Nencini (Italy), 10. Elia Alba (Domincan Rep.), 11. Risk Hazekamp (the Netherlands), 12. Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

and Cologne OFF II – “image vs music”,
a selection dealing with a compettion between the moving image and sound/music”, featuring:
*Andreja Andric (Italy), *Bundaberg Media Research Group (Australia), *Daniel Blinkhorn (Australia), *David Burns (USA)
*Dennis H. Miller (USA), *Gabriel Shalom (USA), *Jason Paul Cardot (USA), *Lane Last (USA)
*Laurent Pernot (France), *Erika Frenkel (Brazil), *Mauro Arrighi & Marco Buziol (Italy)- *Pygar – Hugo Olim/Joao Ricardo (Portugal), *Shawn Towne (USA), *Sinasi Günes (Turkey), *Sonja VUK (Croatia), *Unnur Einarsdottir (Iceland), *Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

More information about Agricola de Cologne’s artistic and curatorial activities
can be found on his homepage – http://www.agricola-de-cologne.de

All projects of Agricola de Cologne’s festival participation and presentation
were realized in the framework of
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne – www.nmartproject.net
the experimental platform for art and New Media founded and directed by Agricola de Cologne.

The featured projects and screenings are presented on the festival by
Media/Art/Cologne – http://www.mediaartcologne.org
the global window to media art from Cologne directed by Agricola de Cologne.

[R][R][F]200x—>XP – http://rrf200x.newmediafest.org
VideoChannel – http://videochannel.newmediafest.org
SoundLAB – http://soundlab.newmediafest.org
Cologne OFF – http://coff.newmediafest.org
Media/ArtCologne – http://www.mediaartcologne.org
Agricola de Cologne – http://www.agricola-de-cologne.de
The Network – http://www.nmartproject.net